Pinetop Construction Company

Home Remodeling Costs

We understand the complexities involved in remodeling projects. That’s why at Pinetop Construction Company in Greensboro, NC, we prioritize quality over quick fixes and refuse to compromise on the integrity of our work. Achieving excellence takes time – it’s as straightforward as that. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sometimes, clients express surprise at our pricing, finding it higher than expected. It’s crucial to distinguish between price and cost. While price reflects a one-time expense at the point of purchase, cost extends over the lifetime of what we build for you. We’ve made a conscious decision to transparently explain our pricing upfront rather than apologize repeatedly throughout the project’s lifespan. 

While some companies may offer lower prices initially, none can match our commitment to durability and service. Wouldn’t you prefer investing in the peace of mind that your project will be completed correctly the first time, exactly to your specifications?

That being said, project costs can vary significantly based on individual needs. During our initial consultation, we’ll present our recommendations tailored to your requirements.

Take a look at the estimates below to gain insight into the potential costs of our projects. Please remember, these figures are approximations based on our past work. Each project is unique, and so are its associated costs.